What we do

Independent and bespoke

K2 Capital provides independent, highly bespoke investment counselling and reporting on all aspects of family-focused wealth management. With extensive experience in disciplines including private banking, financial product development, quantitative modelling and asset management, we construct robust, dynamic, multi-generational investment strategies by the design and implementation of solutions ranging from the basic to the highly sophisticated.


Our services

We are able to design and implement solutions addressing the following core needs:

  • A full investment Advisory and Asset Management offering
  • Cash Management solutions
  • Retirement Planning strategy formulation
  • Estate Planning and Fiduciary Management
  • Bespoke Structured Solutions
  • Private Equity opportunities

Clarity & understanding

Our process is underpinned by a thorough understanding of modern financial theory and enhanced by blending our quantitative outputs with often complex client behavioural biases resulting from money management in an emerging market such as ours.

The result is a blueprint, free of jargon, understood by all members of the family that provides a foundation for successful inter-generational wealth transfer.